The Truth About Fear

Fear is a mechanism for control, it can be very dangerous, and is effective when people let their fears master them. I fear for people who choose to stay blind and ignorant. I fear for people who choose to stay boxed in and do not realize their own worth. They are manipulated, used, and miss out on truly being able to live and be free. I fear the reality that things can make a turn for the worst.

   But I no longer let this fear conquer me. I realize that there will always be bad things and people who do bad things in the world, and there is nothing I can do about that. Although this is true, it does not control me. It does not control my life. It impacts my life, but I choose not to let it define who I am and what I do. It is the exact same for you.

   Our fears are not the most important thing in our lives. Our family, friends, dreams, hopes, kindness, goodness, and love are among the many important things in our lives. These things are much stronger than fear. You just have to face it. It is not always an easy feat to face your fears, but it can be done when you put in the work. Fear is a choice. You can always overcome it.


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