Thoughtful Tuesday

Better Togther

We’ve got to do better.
Humanity needs to come together. We are losing each other, this world, and ourselves.

This madness may not ever end, but it needs to diminish, and quickly. We are losing bees and other important parts of our natural ecosystem, we are quickly using up finite resources, we are beating and tearing each other down.
This needs to stop.

Love your neighbor. Smile when you make eye contact with someone when you’re walking down the street. Wave at someone taking a jog on the sidewalk. Tell those close to you that you love them every day, as much as possible. Hug often, kiss your love every chance you get. Appreciate the people that work in whatever establishment you enter and respect their hard work. Do your job the right way, with a good attitude. Work hard, persevere, push yourself, push your fellow workman standing or sitting next to you. Have faith, don’t give up. Realize how blessed you are to be alive. Do what you can, when you can, however you can for others. Be generous and kind. Take others into consideration before you speak and do whatever it is you are thinking about saying or doing. Understand that, though your life is about living to the best of your ability and enjoying yourself, the world does not revolve around you. We are here together. We should help each other and help build each other up as we build ourselves. There is peace, harmony, happiness, and plenty in unity.

Take care of the Earth. It is our only home. We have nowhere else to go. Not doing your part to take care of our planet has consequences. Grave consequences. Mother Nature is unforgiving and there is not a place on this Earth that you can hide from her wrath. Be kind and gentle to the Earth. Build a flower garden. Plant a tree. Grow your own food. Volunteer to help pick up trash on the beach. Conserve and recycle. Put your trash in a trashcan. Volunteer to help endangered animals and animals in general. I’m sure you don’t leave your home messy and treat it any kind of way, so don’t treat the Earth, even bigger and more important, that way. This world is so beautiful, incredible, and has so much to offer. So help heal the world.

I work on doing these things myself. I know we can do better. Though there are those of us who are contributing to making this world and life better, we need need more people to help. When we’re all doing our part things can only get better. So let’s help each other. We are capable of so much more than this. We are so much better than this. Let’s do better. Let’s be better, together.

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