Just Some Encouragement For You


-caption from Rachel Brathen via her instagram

   We are meant to live. We are meant to enjoy every day of our lives. Every day may not be the best but we must take what we can from it and use every moment we can to be happy. We are meant to experience all the good and bad, the easy and hard times in life. We are meant to have balance. Live your life. Be yourself. Let go of all that tells you and tries to convince you that you are worthless and all things and people that are negative. You deserve to live the life you want; no matter the circumstances, you can be who you want to be and live as you want to live.

Laughter is one of life’s greatest medicine’s. When you laugh, you smile. When you smile, you are happy. When you are happy, life is the best it can be. Whether you laugh but for a moment or crack a small smile in a moment of distress, laughing takes all the pain and anguish away. Laughter and smiling work wonders. When you can laugh and smile freely, uninhibited, life is the best it can be. When you’re laughing, you have no worries of the bad things, the dark situations, any negativity that is going on in your life and the world. You are simply in the moment, living the moment, enjoying the moment. So laugh on my friend. Laugh as much as you can.

There is no greater force on Earth than Love. Love has so many facets, you can live in so many different ways. You can have a family love, friendship love, community love, intimate love, love for your country, love for your passion’s. A man with nothing to lose is dangerous, but a man that has love behind him can do any and everything with a passion and determination that can not be explained and is far beyond that of a man with just nothing to lose.
Love is everlasting and can move mountains. If you love something, get it, go for it, do it. Life is unpredictable so do whatever you love now, love whoever you love now, put all that you have into whatever it is that you love. Before you know it, you might not have it anymore. Take advantage of being able to love freely. Nothing and no one has a say in what, who, or how you love. Love is Love. No matter who it’s between. True Love truly knows no bounds and can not be tamed. So love and let love.

There is so much creativity, innovation, and uniqueness that lies within all of us. All that we need to do to unearth those things is free our minds from boundaries, doubts, worry, and negativity. I’m not saying that you won’t feel these things sometimes because you will. And when you feel these things, you can use them to do and be better. But life is much more wonderful when you can decrease and eliminate these things.
Let your creative mind run free. Let those amazing, fun, cool, different ideas that lie within you become a reality. When you have an idea that you really love, do it, expand it, if you don’t think it’s right yet, ask someone you really trust about ideas on how to make it better. The world needs your talent, your creativity, your special way of thinking. No two people in this world are alike and that is for a reason. We all have our own ways of thinking and perceiving things and that means that there is so much that can be created and made better because of how you think and feel about an idea. Let wild your inner creative spirit. You never know what greatness may come of it and where it can lead you.

              Live | Laugh | Love | Create

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