Words of Wisdom Wednesday


Source: Tumblr

Life is an adventure. Life is a journey.
It’s never too late to begin. Know that your life is unique, different from every other human being on this planet. You can venture wherever it is that your heart is leading you. Follow your feet, there’s no knowing where you’re going. Now, like I used to do, and unfortunately, still do every once in a while, you’ll think of all the things that could go wrong. You’ll think of all types of different excuses and reasons (most invalid) why you shouldn’t or can’t follow your dreams and create your reality. My friend, let it all go. Yes, things can go wrong, but they can just as well go great. So focus on good, happy, positive things. You can do, be, have, love, share everything you desire; live and go wherever you desire. You just have to take a step out into the unknown. There will be bumps, forks in the road, and detours but it will all work out in the end. No adventure is always simple and easy. So is the way of Life. But that only makes it all the easier to enjoy. So many great and wonderful things happen when you truly open up your heart, mind, soul, let your spirit soar, and take the best possible care you can of your body. It is a process, but an amazing process with the absolute best results. Be happy, focus on the good in everything, yourself, others, whatever situation you’re in. Better to be overly optimistic than pessimistic. Negativity gets you nowhere and brings you and everyone around you down. So let’s just leave that alone, shall we?

You create your life. Create it, live it, love it. There are so many incredible possibilities for you. So see where your road takes you.
Live Well, Live Free.

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