Thoughts of the Day

I think:

Sometimes Love is simply acceptance and trying. You can love someone, know how they are and accept them, but they won’t do the same for you. You can try and attempt to understand someone, but they choose not to do the same for you.

You can love someone and not be in their life.
It’s not for lack of trying on your part, it’s just that you deserve to be who you are and do what you do and not be hindered by anyone, blood or not.

Love tries and accepts who you are and does not hinder or try to stop you from being you; and if there is someone or people in your life, blood or not, who choose not to truly love you, then let them go.
Not because of hate but because of love. You let go of them because you love them, you love them enough to let them be themselves. You just remove yourself from the general equation. You should not have to pretend, be someone else, and act like something you’re not just to keep the peace. It’s draining, tiring, and you don’t deserve that. Yes, sometimes you have to put up with crap, but you never have to put up with unnecessary crap that brings you down, no matter who it comes from. Still, be there for them when they need you.

Those who truly love you allow you to be you and live your life without holding you back. We all have our differences, but differences do not mean that we can’t love each other anyway. We can. It just takes mutual respect and understanding.

Accept the differences, Love anyway.

“The Future Belongs To The Misfits”


Repost from shark girl Madison via Instagram


It’s time to give a crap about what’s going on in the world around you. You can continue to ignore it all, but the consequences are going to be grave should you choose to do so. Humanity can not afford to be much more reckless before we have our last chance to make things right, for our sakes, the sake of our planet, and the sake of our future.

The modern ideology of this society is completely backwards. They tell us to care about what doesn’t matter and what actually matters, we are not to care about or concern ourselves with. Forget that. Step Up and Rebel! Do not let these older generations leave you to deal with the deadly consequences of their actions. They will not be around to suffer the consequences of the decisions they made and the paths they have chosen.

The future is OURS. Let’s take it back. We are the ones who will suffer doubly because of the way our past and many of our current “leaders” choose to go about and because we didn’t step up and take charge when we had the chance to. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We younger generations need to start making our own decisions based on what we want out of life for ourselves. We need to decided what we want to do, and how we want to live our lives and make a difference in this world. No one can control us but us. Our parents, teachers, representatives, professors, and leaders may know more than we do, but that doesn’t always mean they do better.

The adults that tell you the honest truth and guide you to be a better person and make a better life for yourself and others, they are our true leaders. Cherish their words and absorb their wisdom. With their help, and all of us young people making up our minds to do so, we can make things better, right our previous wrongs, and improve life all around, in the air, on land, and in the water. Everyone and everything can be positively effected if we take action NOW.

Make a change, be the difference you want to see in this world. Help yourself, help those around you. Stand up for the rights of everyone, yourself included. Conserve and take care of our planet; grow a garden, learn to farm, work with animals, clean the beach you live near. Do what you love with integrity and you will make a tremendously-amazing impact on the world. With as many people as possible putting in an honest, good effort we can make the world a much better place.
Let’s do it!

        “Cause a Ruckus!” – Mike Smith*

There are two true leaders who have greatly inspired me in SO many incredible ways and who believe, as I do, in the greatness and good we can do for ourselves, each other, and our planet. They are Mike Smith and Madison Stewart. They have impacted my life tremendously and I believe the messages they have to share can impact you too.

Give ’em a look:
* Mike Smith is a motivational speaker, among other things, who inspires the young generation to be the best we can be and to step up and make a positive difference in the world.
You can find more information here:

**Madison Stewart is Shark Girl, a conservationist, and an ambassador for Shark Awareness.
You can find more information here:

My Greatest Fear

My greatest fear is not being good enough. I’m afraid I might not be the best that I can, for myself and for everyone around me. I’m scared that I will have no impact on the world. That I will just be a small piece to a ginormous puzzle that could have been great but failed; why? Because she was too scared.

I fear I will not be a good enough person, because of my fear.

What I’ve learned, is that fear is a choice, an option. And it is useless. It benefits those who seek to oppress me and hinder me and keep me locked in their tiny little box. I give them that power because I am fearful. I am fearful of saying the wrong things, of doing the wrong things, just scared of being wrong. I think humanity as a whole is this way. But I’ve realized that we shouldn’t be.  We’re human. We were made to make mistakes, we were made to make mistakes and learn from them. It is more than okay to mess up, to fail, to stumble, to fall, to quit. Because we’re meant to try again, if that’s the case. In other cases we are meant to do those things because it is time for us to let whatever that situation we were in, go. It just depends.

We’ve been taught to be afraid of our own nature. It is in our nature to get things wrong sometimes. What we have to realize is that it’s okay. We are worthy of happiness and life because we have been given those gifts. We wouldn’t have them if we weren’t meant to have them and utilize them.

It is okay to be afraid and to do the wrong things. Learn from them and move on. Conquer your fears. Grow, be better. It is in you.




Love. It is endless, has no boundaries, and creates the best, most special, magical, indescribabley wonderful moments a human being can have. Love is beautiful, Love is kind, Love is good. It is not bias or judgmental, rude or harsh. Love is honest, Love is wise. And this remains true:


Source: Google

Love can not be conquered, for it is the greatest and strongest of all forces. It mends those wounds that break us and renews our hearts and souls. Love is within all of us and we may call upon that love when we are at our weakest and saddest, and in those broken, faithless, hopeless, desperate moments in our lives. Love has always come to me in my darkest moments and I am so thankful to God for His Love. It is what keeps me.

Love is why we are. It is what we are born from. You may believe in a different way than I do but that is the beauty of Love. It comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, cultures, different beliefs, but it remains Love no matter how it is interpreted because it is all the same. Love is not hard. It is not hard to love and it is not hard to be loved. Love can not be faked. It is as clear and as bright as the sun, the moon, and the stars all put together.

Love my friends. There’s no better way to spend your life, than loving. Love the Earth, your fellow man, your friend’s, your family, your significant other, love your life, love yourself. Self-love is where it all begins. You are worthy of love, for that is where you come from. Give love and life will love you right back. No one can love like you do. Your love is one-of-a-kind. Share it, spread it. The world needs your love.


Musical Motivation Monday & Announcement

This gorgeous heart, soul, and human being is a major inspiration to me. Her grace, soulfulness, and artistic genius is absolutely incredible. I must warn you, this beautiful young woman has one of the most angelic voices you’ve ever heard. Also, I’m super siked to see the movie in which this song is featured called The Giver. Enjoy my friend!

Tori Kelly – ‘Silent’ from The Giver movie soundt…:

On another note, I will be on a creative hiatus for a while. My head is buzzing and it’s a personally special and important time in my life right now so besides a sporadic post here and there, I will be off working. In the meantime, be happy, have fun, shaka, smile and laugh lots, learn lots, help others, and enjoy your life. I leave you with this nugget of greatness from one of my favorite actors.


                  All My Love To You

Quote of the Day


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Learn from the bad and negative times in your life, but stay focused on all the good in your life and life in general. Be greatful and thankful for all that you have. When you realize how blessed you are it’s easier to be happy and spread the happiness to all around you. Not only will you be happier, but you will enjoy life more fully knowing that things could definitely be worse. Its never that your problems don’t matter or aren’t bad, but it does make it a bit easier to make it through and figure out your problems when you realize that there are people who have it a lot worse than you do. If you’re going through a rough patch at the moment, keep your head up and keep moving forward. The storm will soon pass and all that will remain is the glorious sun shining down on you while you stand stronger than you were before because you made it through.

At the end of the day, be happy for all you have; the people around you, a chance to make life better for everyone including yourself, and a chance to enjoy this beautiful life.

Radiate Love Challenge

This is a challenge that I want to become a consistent part of our lives. Every day isn’t going to be a great one or even a good one, but not every one is going to have a bad day at the same time. Therefore, by making this challenge a regular activity, we can spread happiness, light, positivity, kindness, and goodness to those around us.

The greatest thing that we each can do for ourselves and others, is radiate Love. Love is something that when harboured must be shared. It shines through you and immediately spreads to those around you. And this day in time, some good ole lovin is greatly needed. So today I challenge you to spread the love. Do something kind for someone today.

Here are a few ideas:
•Tell every person in your household that you truly love and appreciate them
•Smile at someone you’re passing by on your way to your destination
•Buy a flower for a random stranger
•Give away an old game or toy to a little kid that you know or may see with their family
•Buy your friend some coffee on a day out with them or on a random visit to see them
•Write a kind letter to someone you are greatful to or for and give it to them
•Pay for the meal of the person in front of or behind you in line at a fast food joint or restaurant or grocery store
•If you see a person who has something on that you like, say “hey, I like *insert whatever you like here*, you look nice/that looks great on you”.
•High five a stranger walking by
•Tell someone that you love them
•Volunteer to help conserve the planet or at a shelter
•If you’re concerned about someone you care about, sit down with them and let them know
•Call (or text of you can’t call) someone you love or care about who you haven’t talked to in a while and let them know you were thinking about them
•Write some positive, nice, kind, inspiring messages on sticky notes and post them around your room, house, at your school, at your job, on a vending machine
•Hold the door open for someone behind you coming in or someone coming out of a building
• Buy your significant other some of their favorite food and enjoy a nice meal with them
•Have a family night with games and a movie
•Pay attention to how your sibling is behaving and love on em, no matter how they’re feeling, let them know you’re there for them and you care about them
•On a beautiful day, get your family in the kitchen and everyone make their favorite dish and go on a family picnic
•Give someone a hug

You never know what someone is going through and one small act of kindness and love can change someone’s life, and maybe even save a life. Spread the Love in whatever form you wish to. The world needs your love, so share it.

          Radiate Love :)💛✌👫🌏