Words of Wisdom Wednesday


Source: Pinterest

We don’t have the answers to all the questions we ask, which means we must struggle in life to make it to better days ahead. Life can be tough, hard, frustrating, and disappointing, but in certain moments of helplessness, all you need to do is breathe. Inhale all your worries, doubts, fears, frustration, everything that is making you feel worn down, then exhale it all out. Continue to take deep, full breaths and calm your mind. Take a moment to be still and let your breathing quiet all that noise in your head. The world outside of you will still be making plenty of cacophony, though in this moment it is the world inside of you that matters.

No matter how crazy life may be for you at a point in time, it’s never a bad idea to just stop and breathe. It will help you calm down and clear your mind so that you can navigate your way through whatever situation you may be in.
Sometimes, breathing is all you can do. Sometimes, breathing is all it takes to make it through.
(☝Unintentional rhyme…. booyah!! :))


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