My Greatest Fear

My greatest fear is not being good enough. I’m afraid I might not be the best that I can, for myself and for everyone around me. I’m scared that I will have no impact on the world. That I will just be a small piece to a ginormous puzzle that could have been great but failed; why? Because she was too scared.

I fear I will not be a good enough person, because of my fear.

What I’ve learned, is that fear is a choice, an option. And it is useless. It benefits those who seek to oppress me and hinder me and keep me locked in their tiny little box. I give them that power because I am fearful. I am fearful of saying the wrong things, of doing the wrong things, just scared of being wrong. I think humanity as a whole is this way. But I’ve realized that we shouldn’t be.  We’re human. We were made to make mistakes, we were made to make mistakes and learn from them. It is more than okay to mess up, to fail, to stumble, to fall, to quit. Because we’re meant to try again, if that’s the case. In other cases we are meant to do those things because it is time for us to let whatever that situation we were in, go. It just depends.

We’ve been taught to be afraid of our own nature. It is in our nature to get things wrong sometimes. What we have to realize is that it’s okay. We are worthy of happiness and life because we have been given those gifts. We wouldn’t have them if we weren’t meant to have them and utilize them.

It is okay to be afraid and to do the wrong things. Learn from them and move on. Conquer your fears. Grow, be better. It is in you.

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