The Green Life pt. 1

If you can’t tell already from some of my previous post’s, I’m a nature freak. I LOVE the Earth, the Sky, outer space, all of it. I just can’t get enough of it’s infinite, undescribable beauty. I also happen to LOVE taking pictures, so I thought I’d do a little photo project called The Green Life. It’s something that I’m doing to help channel and challenge my photo-taking skills, and also to help bring awareness to saving the planet and doing what we can to help conserve the Earth. I’m a HUGE advocate for taking care of this beautiful place we are so blessed to have. So please, make an effort, do your part to take care of our one and only home.

SO! I’m kicking off the project with an impromptu creek photoshoot I did a couple months ago. My sister, mom, and I spotted it by a park while going for a walk one day and it was so beautiful I had to snap some shots. Please feel free to give me some feedback, constructive criticism is always welcomed. I hope you enjoy! 😁 #TheGreenLife #SaveThePlanet





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