Ignite Your Fire


There is a spark that lives within us, a small light that is waiting to shine bright, a fire that wants to rage and burn like a wildfire, spreading to all the other hearts we encounter.
Whatever passion it is that flows through your veins, do it. Light that spark and bring that glorious fire inside you to life. Spread your love, your inspiration, your light, and passion to all the people you can. Your fire is strong and brilliant. You have no idea how important your fire can be to another who needs your light and warmth.

Our bodies don’t last forever, but our passions that we live and spread to others do.
Ignite your fire.

The King of All Lists

Advice To live By ☺


I’ve been doing to-do lists for a long time. Every single morning, I wake up and write down exactly what I want to accomplish by the end of the day.

As I crossed things off that list, I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment. Crossing things of my goal list is extremely gratifying.

In my opinion, to-do lists are amazing. They give you an outline of the day. They allow you to complete your goals and promote generating/implementing a routine.

They’re built for people that use the common excuse; “I don’t have time,” which, I’ve discovered, is quite a large number of the population.

Outline Your Day

Wake up every morning and write down exactly what you want to accomplish by the end of the day. Keep it short and concise.

Long lists prevent you from completing them, which knocks you down a peg at the end of the…

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This spoke to me. I’m currently feeling the pressure of having to lead a mundane existence, but I refuse to. This gave me the push I needed to continue forward living the life I want to live. Maybe it could inspire you too 😊


“Everything I ever do blows up in my face.”

He is slumped forward in his chair, avoiding eye contact and fidgeting with his hands.

“Everyone told me to get a car. ‘It will help’ they said. I didn’t need it, I lost everything I had worked for in eight months.”

“People told me to go to school, they said it would help. Now I’ve wasted four years and I’m in debt.”

I didn’t really know what to say to him. Most lessons we encounter in life are only remembered because they leave scars.

That day, he peeled back the scar tissue and showed me the painful lesson he had learned.

dont let

Don’t life your life according to someone else’s curriculum.

I recently quit my job. The place I work at was infamous for trapping people and keeping them forever.

I had been there seven years, I was making better money than I…

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The Keys To Happiness

#01- Explore

Explore yourself and the world. Learn more about everything that is important  to you, yourself especially. Your mind and ability to create what you want is absolutely incredible, tap into finding your inner peace and happiness. It’s  not easy, but when you finally break through, it’s all worthwhile. Explore the city that is around you, wander around your country, go see and experience this beautiful world that you are very much a part of.

Exploration is the expansion of oneself and to truly be free.