Radiate Love Challenge #2

My challenge for you today, is to write and distribute a kind letter.

Step 1: Plan 5 to 10 minutes in your day to sit down, grab a pen, marker, or pencil, a piece of paper of any kind, and write a letter. It can be short or long, your choice. Write words of encouragement, motivation, let that person know they’re not alone, or even write a simple “I love you”. Write whatever positive, kind, caring, loving words that come to your mind.

Step 2: Give it to someone, a stranger you pass on the street, a homeless person, a friend, a family member, a person you admire, whoever you choose. You can be fancy and put it in a nice envelope with some stickers and nice little doodles on it, or you can just give the letter to the person. Do it however you wish to.

Step 3: Feel great about giving love and light to someone else. Enjoy that feeling of kindness and just doing something good.

A letter is something small, but it’s the little things in life that make the biggest impacts and greatest differences. You never know how your words will affect someone else. You can brighten someone’s day or even save a life. Radiate Love, however and whenever you can.
Namasté 😄💛✌🙏


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