Advice to Live By

“Do not believe everything you think.”
                – Someone Very Smart said this

You can never believe everything you think. There are times when this little, negative, hurtful, disbelieveing, discouraging, lying, harsh, unhelpful, bullying voice will speak to you. Everything that little voice says is not true.
The point of this voice is to test us. It tests our will, our ability to push ourselves to our limits and beyond. As they say, “you are your own worst critic.” And it is true. But this voice is fuel, fuel to the fire inside of us that burns, the fire that we must turn into raging flames. We have to turn that negative energy and the negative vibes to positive energy and vibes.

That little voice can become positive just as well as it can be negative. It all depends on your will power to not get down and be kept down. Sometimes you will fail, then, when you keep trying, and pushing, and working, and striving, you will succeed. It’s different for everyone and at different points in your life you’ll get over it faster than other times. The point is, your mind will lie to you every now and then, and in those times you have to be stronger than that voice in your head and silence all the noise it’s making. Use your will power, be brave, be courageous, be strong. All that you need is already in you.

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