Quote of the Day


Repost from Pinterest

There is a freedom we are all born with, no matter what situation you are born into. We all have this ability to be all that we wish, and do all that we dream, and have all that we desire. As we get older, people like to start telling us that all we wish, dream, and desire is not attainable to us for one reason or another.

The only person in the entire world who decides and determines what you can and can not have, accomplish, and do, is yourself. Your power, freedom, spirit, love, creativity, and your spark does not come from others, nor does it depend on others; as much as others can be a part in fueling that spark, they do not determine the life of that spark. You do. Forget all the naysayers and negative people, you don’t need them.
Be happy, be wild, love fiercely, be free!

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