Do and Die

“Theirs not to make reply,
theirs not to reason why,
theirs but to do and die,-”
       – The Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

You owe absolutely no one an explication about what or how you want to live your life.
You don’t have to have every single step in your life planned out. Some things will just happen naturally and take its course if it’s truly meant to be.
You’re not always gonna have the answers to everything, that’s okay.
Do and Die.
That’s life.
Do what you want with your life.
Die when your time comes.
Do all that you can, in the time you have.
“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
Do you and let others be who they are too.
Do what’s best for yourself, and think about others too.
Don’t worry about the dying part.
Life is not meant to be spent thinking about something far beyond your control. Death is not the worst thing that can happen anyway. It’s just another part of the life cycle.
Besides, life’s a journey and you’re meant to enjoy it. Do that.
Control your life. Enjoy your life. Live your life. Love your life. :)✌💛

Just Some Encouragement for You


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Three of the most important factors to success. Its been seen in all success stories you’ve watched in the movies, television shows, and documentaries, people who live the way they want, and happily, do these three things. It is imperative to stay positive, to not get down whenever something doesn’t go your way and to always move forward. It is imperative to be patient, to not rush things and do what you need to do, but let the pieces fall where you want without you forcing it. It is imperative to never give up, to keep pushing and pushing, and fighting for, and creating whatever it is that you want, no matter what. Do these things and you will have what you want and need.

Good Vibes

SoulPancake. Subscribe ASAP!! If you’re ever feeling down and out and need a pick me up, go watch a SoulPancake video. If you’re feeling giddy and happy as can be, go watch a SoulPancake video. SoulPancake is one of the best things I have found in the past few weeks. It’s very uplifting, happy, awesome, makes you think, opens your mind and your heart, and is just plain, all-round amazing. Enjoy my friends!

A Wall of Words!:

Aloha Friday!!


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Aloha my friends! Today is a new day, and a great one at that. Let’s make the most of it! May your day be blessed and filled with happiness. 😄Shaka!

Here’s some Aloha for ya! If you have 20 minutes to chill, relax, and you need some stoke for the day, here ya go. Aaron Lieber is a master filmmaker. Enjoy! 😆