Aloha Friday!

Aloha Kakahiaka! It is a beautiful day and you are a beautiful being in a beautiful world, living a beautiful life. Enjoy every moment.
Here are some good weekend vibes for ya!
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Advice to Live By


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I feel the same. This is the time of truly breaking free.
It is the time of the Sun. The time to come out from behind those dark clouds and shine the brightest we possibly can.
It is the time of light. This is the year of spreading Light, Love, and truly beginning to Live.
“Take every risk, drop every fear.” Let go of the past and be present. Collect moments. Enjoy, savor, and cherish the here and now. That is all we have and it’s about time we start utilizing all that we have to our greatest potential.
It is a new year, a new chapter, and a new day. Live truly. Be a Light. Spread Love.

It Really Is Okay

Life can be hard and life can be easy.
We have great times and we have bad times. We are dealt great cards at certain points in our lives and really sucky cards at other points in our lives.
My point is that it takes time to discover who you are and build off that to become the person you want to be. And to be honest, the person you want to be is already in you. When you start figuring out who and what you want to be, it starts manifesting. You just have to be patient and work every day to bring it out of you and become what you wish to be.
DO NOT feel guilty, unworthy, or like you don’t deserve all the wonderfulness this life has to offer. Just because you mess up constantly, get things wrong, and make mistakes does not mean you can’t have what you want or that you aren’t worthy or deserving of happiness, or love. You are worthy of everything. You are who you are and who you are is an absolutely unique, one-of-a-kind, incredible, loved human being. Whether you feel loved or cared for doesn’t matter because whether you realize it or not, you are loved and cared for. You may lose hope and faith sometimes, and that’s okay. It’s a part of growing and becoming better. But do not stay in that place. Realize the truth, that you are wonderful and can be and have whatever you want. You can be better. You can overcome any circumstance or hardship. You can make it through the storm. You can be better than you’ve been. You are worthy of all the love, all the happiness, and all the light in this world.
People love to talk about how we have flaws, but I don’t believe in flaws. Sure there are special cases and a few things that are just different and not really right. But besides that, we are who we are, we are what we are, we do what we choose to do, right or wrong. And there’s nothing wrong with that.
We have to do our best to be the best we can. That’s all we can do, give our best in life.
It really is okay to be yourself. It is okay to fall short. It is okay for you to get up off the ground, hold your head high, learn from every situation, move on, and be happy. It is okay to be happy. Why? Because you’re meant to be. You deserve to be happy.
Love yourself.

I Love You. ☺❤✌🙏 Namasté

*inspired by the uh-mazing movie The Spectacular Now starring two of my ultra favorites, Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller. Really great film. 🙂

Aloha Friday!

Aloha Kakahiaka!! It is a fine day and I am glad we are able to see it. Today is gonna be a freaking stellar day and great things are going to happen for you and I.  We are better than we were yesterday. Cheers to another awesome day! Here are some good vibes for ya this lovely day!


Vance Joy – ‘Riptide’ Official Video: http:// you


Love is not easy.
Love is a struggle.
Loving someone takes work. It can be difficult.
Love is a battle.
That’s the way it seems. Right?
But that is not totally true. It is us, people, who are not easy, and prone to struggle. We make things difficult, do unecessary things, and make unecessary assumptions.
Love, however, is perfect. Love is without fault. Love cares for you no matter what. Love accepts you for who you truly are, sees you as you are meant to be, and loves you despite all the negative things you do and negative times you have.
Love does not dicriminate, it does not see color, it does not see culture, it only knows how to make it through any and all circumstances. Love sees all that is you and it is happy. It has no boundaries or limits. Love is free. Love is freedom.
Love is raw. It can see you through all the blood, sweat, and tears that you go through.
Love heals all things.
Love conquers all. It is the strongest, greatest, most powerful force in existence.
It is worth it to love.
In love, the good far outweighs the bad.
Love is unpredictable, crazy, passionate, honest, hopeful, faithful, loyal, brave, courageous, spontaneous, adventurous, fearless, trustworthy, kind, good-natured, real, and worthy of your time and energy.
Love is all we need.



We all have our battles. We have our demons that hide and plot throughout our lives. We each have a journey, in which we control where and how it goes. But we must be strong. Yes, we fall, we break, we make mistakes, we lie, we steal, we cheat, we do things for the wrong reasons.
But we can redeem ourselves.
The truth can hurt, but if you just give it some time and effort, with the help of an open heart and an open mind, there is nothing you can’t overcome.
There is always a chance to tell the truth, to be honest, with others and yourself. Own up to your actions. Take responsibility for your decisions. Trust can be hard to earn back, but it can be and is worth the fight.
We are human. It is in us to mess up and screw things up sometimes. It is in us so that we can learn to be better and help others do the same. We are meant to learn from these struggles.
As hard as it would be to forgive the darkest soul, if they truly mean to be
better, it is within us to help them do so.
We all have our fight.
Do not give up hope, do not lose faith, do not linger in a dark situation or place and fester in the hurt, and pain, and anguish, and sadness, and anger, and darkness, and negativity. It is not worth it and it will help nothing and no one.
Strap your boots up tight and take what’s yours.
Do the right thing.
Create the life you want.
Greatness lives in you.
Find it.
Be great.