Love is not easy.
Love is a struggle.
Loving someone takes work. It can be difficult.
Love is a battle.
That’s the way it seems. Right?
But that is not totally true. It is us, people, who are not easy, and prone to struggle. We make things difficult, do unecessary things, and make unecessary assumptions.
Love, however, is perfect. Love is without fault. Love cares for you no matter what. Love accepts you for who you truly are, sees you as you are meant to be, and loves you despite all the negative things you do and negative times you have.
Love does not dicriminate, it does not see color, it does not see culture, it only knows how to make it through any and all circumstances. Love sees all that is you and it is happy. It has no boundaries or limits. Love is free. Love is freedom.
Love is raw. It can see you through all the blood, sweat, and tears that you go through.
Love heals all things.
Love conquers all. It is the strongest, greatest, most powerful force in existence.
It is worth it to love.
In love, the good far outweighs the bad.
Love is unpredictable, crazy, passionate, honest, hopeful, faithful, loyal, brave, courageous, spontaneous, adventurous, fearless, trustworthy, kind, good-natured, real, and worthy of your time and energy.
Love is all we need.



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