Motivational Monday

Anna Akana is a HUGE inspiration of mine. Anna is a bright, beautiful, charasmatic, fun, lively, incredible person, a filmmaker, and a creative brainiac with a brilliant mind. She is a lot like you and me, as other humans tend to be, but I just mean that she has an amazing way of thinking that makes her stand out from others, but you connect with her on a lot of levels, in a lot of ways. She is an extremely honest and truthful person who is super positive, kind, and she radiates good vibes like no other. No matter what is going on in her life, bad or good, she has something positive and good to say and a positive lesson that she learns from whatever she is going through. I relate to her so much and I believe she can be a light to you as well on this fine Monday morning.

Here are two videos that i absolutley love from her. I hope you enjoy! Shaka!😁

Things Every Girl Should Know:

Things Every Guy Should Know:

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