The Keys to Happiness/Quote’s of the Day

This is a compilation of quotes and things I’ve heard and learned in the last two and a half to three years. I hope they are a source of inspiration for you to help you be happy as they have been to me.☺

•Work hard
•Be honest
•Embrace your true self
•Embrace others as they are
•Do – take action – stand for what you believe in
•Feel everything
•Let go of what life wants you to let go of
Open your heart
•Stay true to yourself
•Have faith
•Forgive but don’t forget
Let go of all the negativity
•Believe in yourself
•Be kind
•Appreciate all the good in life and in your life
Be yourself
Open your mind
•Radiate good vibes
•Harbor good vibes
•Harbor good energy
Take care of your body, mind, soul, and spirit
•Be thankful and grateful
•Use your imagination – Dream
•Stay positive
•Be an optimist
•Count your blessings
•Learn from the bad times, your mistakes, and the mistakes of others
•Listen to music
Take time to breathe slowly and Relax
Live and let live
Expect and accept change, embrace it
•Know that you can’t save others, only love them
Know that you, and you ALONE, control your life
Know that you’re never alone
•Do what’s right, no matter how hard
•Do what makes you happy
•Follow your dreams no matter how many times they change
•Surround yourself with good people
Forgive yourself and move on
Express yourself, in whatever way is best for you to do so
Travel, when and as much as you can
Live in the moment, all you have is now
Treasure your loved ones
•Find moments to be silent and still
Choose to be happy
*The Four Aggrements:
      –Be impeccable with your word
      –DO NOT take anything personally
      -DO NOT make any assumptions

Happiness is a choice, and these things are what make up being happy (plus a few things I might have missed, but I think this basically covers it;)). There is no one single way to describe it other than, Love. To love is to be happy. When you love yourself, love life, love everything you’ve been blessed with, you are happy. And that’s all I want for us all.


Bold– things that are important that can help a lot with doing the other things not in bold
*- really helpful tips

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