Ride the Wave


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Why would you want to be stuck in the same place you’ve been in? I don’t know. Maybe it’s fear. Whatever the reason, don’t stand still. Move my friend! You are alive, breathing, moving.

Get your butt on your surfboard, paddle into the ocean, pick that delicious wave that catches your eye, paddle into it, stand up, and ride that sucker into la la land! You can choose whatever wave you want. I think of Life as the ocean, we’re the surfers, the wave is a path, and your life is your board. You can do whatever move you want on your board, you can carve whatever pattern you wish to, you can do a nifty layback, hang ten, dance, share a wave, share a board, you can do just about anything you want. You just gotta do it. Nothing is ever holding you back. Maybe someone or some obstacle is in your way, but you just gotta deal with it. And whenever you fall, swim back up to the surface, get back on your board, and keep ridin. Sometimes you’ll have to bail and dive in to the ocean, and that’s cool. Sometimes you’ll be able to ride that specific wave (aka situation) out until you get to the shore. That might be a good thing, and it may not be so good. Either way, turn around and paddle right back out.

Some waves are bigger and a hell of a feat to drop into and handle once your in the wave. On those big monsters you’ll definitely get wiped out, take a bad tumble on the reef, and acquire some nasty injuries. And on some of those other big monsters, you’ll somehow pull it off and ride out of it unscathed and vic-freakin-torious! That’s the ocean. It is so vast, beautiful, exciting, open, and freeing. There are so many different waves to choose from in different locations. The ocean is unruley, and unpredictable, and totally in control. The thing is, you have to adapt. As a rider, being at the complete mercy of the ocean (the ocean being the dominant force), you have to adapt and learn the different waves. Yet, you also always have to expect the unexpected. It’ll catch you off guard sometimes and you’ll have worse days out there. But it all pays off in the end if you remember to enjoy the process of the ride and don’t take it too seriously. Remember to have fun and that you’re never alone out there. I mean, maybe you will be in a certain secret location you have, but somewhere else, someone is also out there, in the same wide, vast ocean doing the same thing you’re trying to do, ride (aka live).

Life truly is too short to stand still on the shore and just look at everyone else out in the surf having the time of their lives. There are good and bad waves (aka situations) that you have to go through, and some days you will pick a few bad waves. But it’s all apart of the experience of surfing (aka living).
Ride the wave man. Ride and enjoy.
Shaka and Stay Groovy!

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