Quote of the Day


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Everyone has an opinion. Sometimes it is right, sometimes it is wrong, but the truth of the matter is that you must find the truth of who you are and your reality for yourself. Others might be able to see and tell you what they see in you, but you must know and see it yourself.

To Be Honest


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“Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.” Sometimes your heart will be right and your mind, wrong, and vice versa. But the point is always to so what you think is best. Do what’s right, for you and others. You have the power to control your reactions and yourself. Use it wisely.

Advice to Live By


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I’m working on this now. I used to feel the need to explain myself to people and I’ve had a hard time saying no. Doing these things has created many problems for me as I was always trying to please everybody. But I learned that it’s not necessary or possible for me to please everyone. I’ve come to realize that the only people I want, or even need, to please are the one’s I love and that I will always do my best to do right by everyone. You make your own choices and you have every right to make the choice you choose.



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We are all connected. We are one big ohana. Always have been, always will be. Ohana means I am here for you, always, no matter what. Ohana means I love you, always, no matter what. Ohana means I’ve got your back, always, no matter what.  Ohana means you may go through some shit and have to be down and out, and learn some things for yourself, but that I believe in you and support you. Always. No matter what. Someone once said, “Friends are the family you choose for yourself”, and that’s right, because we are one giant, freakin ohana. And a pretty flippin’ awesome ohana if I do say so myself.😄

And a truth that many people don’t acknowledge, is that you can love someone and not be in their life. If we need to be apart, if that’s what’s best for the both of us, then so be it. But being physically separate in no way lessens the love that you have for someone. Sometimes it is necessary for you not to be a presence in someone’s life anymore. And that’s completely okay. Ohana means that I am in your heart, I am with you in spirit, always, no matter what.

We are one. We are one ohana. You are my ohana. And I love you. Always, forever, no matter what. Remember that.

Aloha Saturday!

Aloha Kakahiaka!! I know I’m a day off sprry! But today I’m off to hang with some family, hope you have something awesome planned for this weekend. If ya don’t, find something fun to do! Or if you want to just chill, that’s great too 😉 But whatever you do, have a great weekend! Shaka & Stay Groovy!☺✌🙏💜

Here are this week’s good vibes!

Song: I LOVE this song. Gets me SO pumped! Hope you enjoy!😁
Superchick – It’s On (With Lyrics): http://youtu.be/pdQ8P0G3jmQ

Video: Today’s vid is to help inspire you to move ya body a little over the weekend. Whether working out or gettin your groove on with your friends on the dance floor, go have some fun!💃
Les Twins | World of Dance | FRONTROW | #WODSD 20…: http://youtu.be/w-0t9K-g45Y