Something To Think About / To Be Honest

Focus on YOUR OWN life.

Society, and humanity in general, is so engrossed in other people’s lives. We get caught up in other people’s lives because we’re too scared to deal with our own lives and situations, so we turn to other people and begin to look, point, judge, and be nosy. It’s unecessary and, honestly, quite stupid. Putting your nose in someone else’s business is not gonna help you clean up your act and get your life together. We need to stop comparing. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and comparing other people to other people. We stay stuck in this same monotonous, boring, unhappy place in life because we are scared to deal with who and what we are and focus on being and becoming who we want to be. That leaves us where we are now, doubting, comparing, judging, hurting, ripping and tearing each other to shreds to get the approval of the next messed up person who is just as lost as you are.

We mess up, we like to learn things the hard way sometimes. That can be beneficial and it can detrimental, depending on the situation. But the fact of the matter is that WE ALL NEED TO DEAL WITH OURSELVES. DEAL WITH YOUR LIFE. DEAL WITH WHATEVER YOU’RE GOING THROUGH. DEFLECTING AND TRYING TO IGNORE HELPS NOTHING AND NOONE. IF YOU DON’T LIKE YOUR LIFE CHANGE IT. THE DIRECTION YOUR LIFE GOES IS SOLELY  IN YOUR HANDS. You control your life. YOU are responsible for YOU. It won’t always be easy, you will get hurt, you will mess up, you will fall short, you won’t be able to help or save everybody, thats the way life goes. Get up, dust yourself off, learn from it, get over it, move on. It is SO WORTH IT to, at the very least, TRY to focus on yourself. We are meant to help, share with, live with, and love each other, not live for or through others. Live for you, live for the experience of life. It is wonderful and you deserve to have the best experience possible. That means ups, downs, ins, outs, hard times, easy times, good times, bad times, it’s all a part of the life experience. See what it is front of you, not what you want to see. Ignoring what’s right there is only going to hurt you. Stop believing the lie that just because your life gets hard you have to give up, that you can’t make it, and that you’re not strong enough. This. Is. A. Lie. You don’t have to give up, you can make it, and you are strong enough. Anyone who tells you differently is wrong.

Feel. Everything. Good, bad, beautiful, ugly, happy, sad, frustrated, angry, joyous, hopeful, feel it all. It’s what makes this life so interesting, fun, and worth living. Whenever you’re down, be down, but then pull yourself back up again and continue on. Be positive, have faith. Through it all, know the truth that you are loved.
Live and love without holding back.

                       AJ :)🙏💜✌

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