Advice to Live By


I seriously can not stress this enough.  Life is change. As Scar said, from The Lion King, “Be prepared”. You never, ever know what life has in store for you each day. I recently had the scariest, worst, most terrifying day of my life. What I remembered, was that we can’t be ready for everything and we will  be completely blindsided at times, but every day we should wake up and be ready to live a planned, yet unplanned, day. Life is unpredictable a lot of times, in good and bad ways, we just have to ride the wave. We have to ride it out and adapt to each situation to make the best of it as best we can. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED and always expect the best. You won’t always get the best and there’s nothing wrong with that, but you can always do your best to make the best.

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