Something To Think About

Life is a balance of good and bad.

There are bad things that happen that we can not control or change, there are good things that happen that we can not control or change. The point is, we have to accept and deal with this. We are always complaining about things we think are not right or unfair, well, that’s life. It happens. As much as it can suck and as great as it can be, life is both good and bad. We need both. We need balance. Not to say we can’t complain every now and then. We have every reason and right to, but in the end, that helps nothing.

There will always be hardship and struggle for all life. There will also always be good and happiness for all life. We must do the best we can to make things the best we can. We can come together to help lessen the unecessary, ruthless slaughter of animals, abuse and unecessary harm of our fellow mankind, stop the wars of people who can not respect the fact that we are different and that’s okay, and help people learn to love and care for themselves.

There will always be a chance to do something good, help ourselves and others, love and take care of our world, and make a positive impact. Know that bad things are going to happen, and that you have to deal with it. Know that good things are going to happen, and enjoy it all. Accept this, find balance, and be happy. ❤🙏✌🌎🌏🌍


  1. Excellent post, as usual 🙂 It’s true, there are things we can’t control, but when we gain control over the things we CAN control, we can more or less determine the outcome of our days. How we deal with things defines us, not how things deal with us!

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