Love Revolution


repost from We Heart It

It is the time of the Revolution. It is the turning of the tide. It is the awakening of the human mind and spirit. It is time for people to really, truly see and recognize life in its purest and truest form. It is time for people to come out of their shells and see the light of day. It is time for people to look beyond themselves and see others for who they truly are. It is a time of acceptance, acknowledgment, honesty, truth, positive change, and a time to open more minds and hearts.

It is the time of Revolution. It is the time for people to wake up. It is time for people to stand up. It is time that we all look at one another, love what we see, in each other and ourselves, and live life the way it is meant to be lived, with a heart full of love and good people beside us.
It is the time of Revolution. It is a time for Love to take over. It is time to let Love lead and let our egos, prides, and selfishness be pushed out the back door of the bus. When we let Love in, love is all we know, it is all we can do. And when that happens, life is all that it can be, for all.

Revolt! Stand up for what’s right. Do what’s right. Take chances. Be brave. Have courage. Do what you need to do. Do what you love. Never give up. Never stop living. Conquer your fear. Do not sit back and let injustice happen. If there is something you can do to help someone else, do it. It takes positive words and positive action to make positive change. Speak up and follow those positive words with positive action. Be yourself, love yourself, and know, accept, and respect that every other person on this planet has the right to do the same.

We are one. It is time to fight against and rid ourselves of the old, archaic, unjust, judgmental, and hateful mentality. It is time to rise against all of those who wish to oppress us, keep us down and unaware of what is actually going on around us. Different is not always bad. There is beauty and greatness in diversity and versatility. We can all be different and celebrate that and be the same and celebrate that too. We can coexist. We can come together. We can all be happy. Let’s rally behind every group, organization, or person who is doing what they can in supporting equality, justice, peace, happiness, and harmony for all people and beings and this beautiful world we live on. There is always a cause to take up. Find your cause and take it up. We each have to make the decision to commit to a life of freedom and happiness for all and live it.

Love is all we need.



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