Aloha Friday!!

Aloha Kakahiaka!! New day, new start, new opportunities. Make the most of this day. Enjoy it. You are a wondeful, beautiful being who shines so bright. You may not always feel that way, but you have to remember that that is exactly what you are. You have so much to give, so much to do, so much to experience, and so much to be happy for. Have a great day and a far out weekend!! Shaka and Stay Groovy!!! 😆✌💛

Here is today’s good vibage!!! Enjoy!!!

Song: My current jam! Totally copacetic👌
ODESZA- How Did I Get Here (Extended Version):

Video: Just a reminder that life, and a good life at that, is something you have to desire and put work into. It’s good for you and you’ll enjoy it quite a lot! Put in the time, put in the work. It’s all worth it. Plus I love the song!
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- False Pretense
Never Back Down – Motivation [HD]:

It’s Time To Wake Up

To Be Honest
*disclaimer: long post on an extremely important issue.*


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People are being mistreated and slaughtered, animals are being mistreated and slaughtered, the Earth is being mistreated and slaughtered.
What are we doing?

People with limited authority, who were given that limited authority, to help and protect others are abusing that power and they care not on whom they use that power, yet so many are blatantly blind to this obvious and very visible wrong doing and defend it when it could just as well be you or yours as it could me. People are going to other countries and disrespecting nature as well as the people of those countries by slaughtering and harming the animals unecessarily for personal, selfish gain. Lions are being murdered, beheaded, and skinned, rhinos having their horns cut off and being left to die, elephants having their tusks cut off, sting rays having their fins cut off, sharks being murdered, having their fins cut off and being left to die, bee populations are at an all time low, and yet there are so many who see this and say nothing. Thousands upon thousands of acres of rainforest’ are cut down every day, entire ecosystems destroyed, and what are people doing? Trying to get the new, latest, popular thing that does not benefit you or anything else for that matter.

WAKE UP. Wake up and See. See what is happening right in front of your eyes. Help!!!!! Do not lend a hand in your own destruction! The time has come to rid ourselves of the old ways and ideology of superiority and dominion over things that are not and never were yours. Nature, land, animals, and people are the property of Life. We do not own each other and we do not own this world. We are a part of it.

It is unimaginable, the damage that is going to ensue if people do not wake up right now and start helping to better what we can. Too much damage has already been done and we are going to continue to suffer for it. What with the horrible natural disasters, uprisings around the world, animal species disappearing at alarming rates, ice disappearing at alarming rates. We. Have. Got. To. Wake. Up. We have GOT to change. WE HAVE TO DO BETTER. NOW. RIGHT. NOW. The longer we wait to start changing things for the better the worse it will be for ourselves and especially future generations. We can not let them bare greater hardships of the troubles careless people now and in the past have created. A lot of us did not start this mess, but we can surely begin to fix it. But we have to come together. If we each do our part, in one way or another, in many small or big ways, however you choose to do so, we can make life better. We can be better.

It is time to wake up, speak up, stand up, and do work. We have to. The consequences of our actions are already set in place for what has already been done, and we need to make sure that we do not worsen what is already coming. Please, please, please, do something. Do something to benefit us all. Be aware of humanities issues, animal issues, and the issues of nature. They are all your concern. They directly correlate to one another. Let’s not continue to be our own demise, because that is exactly where we are headed, to our own demise. Make not the world, yourself, and the future generations suffer for your comfort. Your comfort means nothing compared to the balance of life as a whole. And the thing is, when you contribute positively to humanity, animals, and the earth, it benefits you in all the best ways possible. So do your part. Stand up and help yourself and your fellow man, stand up and help the animals of this earth, stand up and help nature. It all connects. We are all connected. We are one people, of one earth, one home. Protect your people and your home. Make a difference.

If we can come together, stop separating ourselves, and be the one people that we are, we can do some pretty astounding, out-of-this-world amazing, and incredible things. Just imagine, a world where most of us are doing what we can to help everyone and everything. I mean, being completely honest, not everyone is going to be on board, but most of us can be. We can begin a very positive chain reaction. Let’s start it.
We Are One.

Words of Wisdom Wednesday


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If you never decide, if you never make a decision, if you never take the time to sit down and really, truly think and make a choice, you will always be stuck and you will never move forward. Decide, make the decision, make the choice. You are not meant to suffer, be sad, or drown in loneliness. You are not meant to stay in the same place all of your life. You are meant to be happy, to experience life, to enjoy life, to be yourself, to be happy, to do what you love, to be surrounded by those you love and who love you. You just have to decide that you want what you deserve and get it. It’s yours. Claim it. A happy, enjoyable life is not given, you have to work for it. Some things come easier and faster than others, and the rest is work you have to do yourself. Life is not convenient for the most part and life is not about convenience, life is about experience and enjoying the experience. It’s your choice whether you do or don’t experience life. You decide.

Quote of the Day

You are who you are and who you are is perfect as is. People love to describe what their version of a ‘real man’ is. Well the truth is, there is no one, right way to be a man. There are many different ways to be a man. And to all you men of the world I say you are wonderful. You are handsome. You are great. You are brilliant. You are a warrior. You are a bold, bright shining beacon of light. You are pure greatness. Know and stand in your truth. You define yourself. I know you all face problems just as women do, different, but problems all the same. Be your own man, be yourself, hold your head high, and live your life the best you can.

Thoughtful Tuesday

What a Real Man and Woman Truly Are

There are no set rules on how to be and how not to be, so as to become a ‘real’ man or woman. I mean, yes there are a few, certain things you shouldn’t do, such as judge, envy, and things of that nature, because there’s no need for those sort of things. But messing up, making mistakes, misunderstanding, and getting things wrong will happen and that’s okay. Life is a process, just because you fail sometimes doesn’t mean you’re not a man or woman and it doesn’t make you less than when you fail. You just have to pick yourself right back up and keep trying your best to be your best.  That, love, and happiness are all that matters in the end.

Many people have their own ideas of what a “real” man or woman is but it’s a biased, unrealistic ideal that they try to hold themselves and, more so, everyone else to. People think you have to be just this one way, have certain qualities, have those qualities at this certain age, and you have to say this and that, and you have to do this and that, and be this and that to be considered a “real” man or woman. It’s all crap. The only thing that is required to be a real man or woman, is to be who you are. You do not owe anyone anything and no one owes you anything. Just be yourself.

There are certain qualities that we all have that make us better as people and human beings, things like open-mindedness, compassion, understanding, and so on. But it’s not a matter of how much of those qualities you have, as society would like you to think, it’s simply a matter of doing your best to use those qualities. All the important characteristics, qualities, ideas and such that we need are already inside of us. We just have to realize we have everything we need within us and utilize it. You don’t have to go find bravery, intelligence, courage, love, or hope, they already reside inside of you, you just need to bring it out.

A real man and woman are as such in their own, individual right. It is extremely stupid to try to define people in a certain way and to say that we all have to fit into the exact same mold when we are all so incredibly and wonderfully different. We each are who we are and that is A-OKAY! We have got to stop letting society run our individual lives and tell us who we are and aren’t, should and shouldn’t, can and can not be. Your life and your purpose here is not up to society, your family, or your friends, it is up to you. You are a man and you are a woman in your own way. Do your best to be the best you can be.

Quote of the Day



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You are a Goddess. You are the giver of life. You are powerful. You are strong. You are a warrior. You are glorious. You are a beautiful soul, with a beautiful mind, beautiful spirit, a beautiful heart, and a beautiful body. Embrace it, enjoy it, LOVE it. Love yourself! You are a walking, living, breathing, galaxy of light that can set this magnificent world ablaze in a heartbeat. You are woman! Be your beautiful self!

Motivational Monday


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We are One. We are all a part of this crazy, wonderful thing called Life. We all have a place and we all matter. Everything touches and intertwines in some shape, form, or fashion. People are part of animals as animals are part of the Earth as the Earth is part of the Galaxy as the Galaxy is part of the Universe as the Universe is part of each of us. It is all one freakin huge web of pure, flipping awesomeness.

There is extremely, very little in life that is actually black and white. In fact, as far as percentages go, about 1% would be black and white. Example, you live and you die. And honestly that’s about as black and white as it gets. My point being, life is a gi-freakin-normous grey area where we can each be anything, do anything, and have everything we want, wish, and dream. There are no limits to the possibilities of life and what we can create and manifest.

We are family. Embrace it. Enjoy it.