Quote of the Day

“Matters of the heart aren’t matters of society.”

repost from Buzzfeed quizzes

Love, your love, your own personal love, has nothing to do with society. Society can say all it wants and feel what it wants about you, but that is none of your business. Love is about you and the recipient of your love. Any outside forces or elements mean nothing and hold no power. My relationship between myself and God has nothing to do with anyone else. It is my relationship and I will not and do not tolerate anyone else’s input unless I specifically ask someone’s input. Even then, just because I ask doesn’t mean I will take your advice or input. It is the same with every being. You and society are two different things all together. You can be a part of it or you can choose not to be. And you do not have to listen to or accept society or what it says and feels about you. Your life is yours and no one elses. You decide what does and doesn’t affect you, in many cases anyway, but you have more control in how it can affect you. You can choose to let it get to you, eat at you, and destroy you, or you can control yourself, your emotions, rise above and work through whatever life has for you. It is all in what you choose. It’s all based on what you decide to do and let happen. It’s all on you. Live your life and be happy. That’s all that matters. The more happy people there are, the better life is for everyone.


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