To Be Honest

***This is a long post, but extremely important, so PLEASE read; with an open heart and mind***


I want to touch base on a few major points that need to be addressed. They are, for many, and were for me, sensitive topics. But they’re too vital to be ignored.
1) The importance of addressing things that need to be addressed
2) Our opinions and feelings
3) A few of the really big and increasingly important issues we are facing now that we have to deal with, including racism, sexism, sexuality, the United States of America’s history: the truth of what it was then and what it is now and it’s government, religion, and people’s willful ignorance. Which, as a whole, I guess we can call Discrimination, just to make things a little simpler.
– number 3 is a loaded point but I’ll do my best to articulate it to where it isn’t a big, jumbled mess. Bare with me 🙂

So we begin.

No. 1:
Life is not going to get better for anyone in any place at any time unless we discuss and deal with the issues that are happening. People want to try to sweep things under the rug and deflect, distract, and pretend like the issues never happened or aren’t happening. But darkness will always be exposed to light. Those schemes only work for so long. And anyway, I think it’s about time we just go ahead and get the shitstorm out of the way and just figure out what needs to be figured out, fix what can be fixed, make amends, and make new, improved, all-inclusive “rules”, for lack of a better word, so that we can move on to bigger and better things so that all people can prosper.

No. 2:
We all have opinions and feelings, and our opinions and feelings matter because it is imperative that we feel and can think about, use critical thinking, understand, and comprehend things on our own. The fact remains though, that our feelings and opinions are not always relevant and/or important. When it comes to matters of the heart, basic rights of living beings, and the laws of nature, our opinions and feelings don’t mean a damn thing. Honestly, the only time they really mean anything is for the aforementioned reasons and when someone asks for your opinion and/or feelings. Even then, if a person asks for your opinion, that doesn’t mean that they will use your opinion and/or feelings. They might just want to know for the sake of knowing, not that your opinion or feelings will change or influence their decision, situation, circumstance, or what not. Obviously it can, but it does not always do so. So we all need to get over ourselves and let other people live their lives while we live ours.

No. 3:
Racism– It existed, and it still exists. You don’t tell someone it doesn’t exist if you are not experiencing it, have never experienced it, and don’t know what someone that you’ve never met and don’t know that they’re not experiencing it. People don’t bring things like this up unless it is actually happening. It’s not fun, it’s not nice, it is in fact cruel, unecessary, and unacceptable. Symbols of racism, like the confederate flag for example, are unacceptable because of what they represent. Racism is hatred, hatred over the color of someone’s skin (which IS NOT A CHOICE FOR ANY HUMAN BEING). It is not tolerable. We need to deal with it. We need to stand up for and stand behind those who have and are experiencing it. Racism is learned, it is taught, it is a choice. We have no control over what we are taught but at some point in time, we each, individually, decide what all it is that we do and don’t believe in or support. There is a distinct difference between right and wrong and human beings know the difference. Racism may not ever be completely stopped, but we can absolutely lessen it, by teaching people and children to see what is right in front of them,  another soul. We each are so much more than our physical beings. Our physical beings are a part of who we are, but just that, a part. And what matters is the whole of who we are. So let’s focus on and get to know the many, beautiful, unique, interesting souls that we see and encounter.
Sexism– It is 2015. 20-EFFING-15. Twenty-fifteen, and women still don’t have the same rights, recognition, or respect that men have always had. How pathetic and achingly sad that is. In sports, business, art, pretty much every skill a human can have, women do the exact same thing as men, on the exact same level as men (and in some cases even better than men) and don’t get a fraction of the support, recognition, respect, let alone pay that men get. That is NOT OKAY. At all. There is no reason this should be so. Especially this day in time where we have come so far in many ways. But giving a woman the respect she deserves, accepting her as she is, allowing her a free, open space to be who she is, that’s not tolerated (As well as homosexual, transgender, people of color aka any race or culture that has pigment. More on that later). But that 👈 would be all the easier to deal with if we just gave women the rights they (WE, ME, I) deserve. It is a shame and atrocious that a women, a female, the giver of all human life (and animal life for that matter) is not treated the way she has every right to be treated. It is time to right the wrongs and make it all EQUAL. No one deserves more or less because of their anatomy in the way of basic rights, respect, and treatment. Another point that echoes this is that people with special needs, mental, physical, emotional alike should be taken care of. They also do not need to be neglected like they have been. It is all the same. People deserve their basic rights. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Women ARE EQUAL to Men. End of story.
Sexuality– “Matters of the heart AREN’T  matters of society.” The translation of that is, mind your own damn business. Someone else’s relationship, their love for whoever they love, is between them and that recipient. You, your opinions, and your feelings about it, do not concern them. You need not be focused on someone else’s love life or who they are. If a boy feels he is a girl, she is a girl, if a girl feels she is a boy, he is a boy, if a girl wants to dress like a boy, she can, and vice versa, if you like males and females, that’s great. People are who they are. You can’t stop that and you have no right or reason to. Love and accept people for who they are as they love and accept you for who you are. You have no right or reason to judge. You’ve got your own life and self to deal with. So deal with it and leave other people the hell alone about who they love and who they are.
The United States of America
What it was, aka Origin Story: What is now the United States of America was home to Native Americans and down south in some areas, Mexican people. British people from England who weren’t being treated the way they deserved and/or wanted to be treated, instead of trying to overcome and change their homelands views and ideals decided to go to a whole other continent and sabotage and murder almost an entire continent of people. They tried to convert those very, very few of once a great many who were left, but ended up rounding them up like cattle and sticking them in small areas around their newly stolen and occupied continent. Now, not only was this continent invaded, but also the continent now known as Australia. The Aboriginal people were also mistreated, greatly lessened, and moved in numbers. But back to where I live, the new Americans decided to invade yet another continent, Africa, kidnap people from there, treated them equal to and in many cases less than they treated animals, rape them, converted them by force, separated them, beat them, tortured them, made them forget their heritages, their homes, their people, turned them against one another, made it seem like they weren’t being treated unusually cruelly and hatefully, and in the process hurt, murdered, demeaned, and hated their own people who stood up to them about their wrongful treatment of a certain people that they used as a work force because they got tired of doing said work  in their homeland and didn’t feel like doing anymore, accept the work with all of the benefits and none of the hard work. America was made by and built for the white man. Not any other. Yet and still, another country that they invaded and treated the people as equally bad as African people was Ireland. People of the same skin tone. That speaks volumes, does it not, about what greedy, hateful, and mean people will do. That is the real, untouched truth of America and it’s origin, what it is made from: laziness, lies, entitlment, death, mass murder, deciet, hatred, and greed.
What it is, aka Now: America now is the exact same place, only now we have more people, more diverse people, and a few more rights than we had less than 50 years ago. America is still a place of and filled with greedy, narcissistic, over-religious, self-entitled, hateful so-called leaders and people. Throughout the history of this country there have been a few truly great, genuinely good people to make an important, good step towards creating a better country; but they were all assassinated. America is now a place where racist, sexist, homophobic, close-minded, mean-spirited, hateful, greedy, super rich or upper middle class people speak the loudest and do everything in their power, as usual, to keep people from coming out of the box they try to, and very unfortunately in many cases succeed, to put others in. America has the capacity and ability to do what it can to amend and make better arrangements for all its people and those it has wronged, mainly the Native Americans and African Americans of which the forefathers of America have greatly, greatly, greatly wronged. The descendants of those forefathers can never, ever make up for the wrongs their forebears have done to those people specifically, but to those people’s descendants especially, as well as people of the lower class, people of other races and cultures that racist, hateful people have wronged, and the american population as a whole, we can do something to make things better from here. It is going to take a lot of work and effort, but it is first of all the right thing to do, but it also should be done and can be done. I am not proud of where this country came from and how it was built; especially being of Native American AND African, as well as a bit of Irish, descent myself. But I have faith in what this country can become, the immense amount of good we can do for ourselves and others, and the new, better legacy we current generations can leave behind. (I put emphasis on ourselves because at this point in time america does little to nothing to help, support, and lead its own people) I am however proud of my ancetors for being the strong, strong-willed, open-minded, innovative, intelligent, good hearted, forward thinking people they were and paving the way so that I could exist and do what I can to make life even better for everyone. I am also proud of the open-minded, good, kind, loving, caring, non-racist people who helped and tried to help my people and to make this country the great place that it can be.
The U.S. Government: The U.S. government is filled with and run by greedy, corrupt, selfish people who care nothing about this country or its people. Most everything is overpriced including college, groceries, the cost of living for anyone with more than one child; the politics are vastly one-sided, the rich are favored and taken care of while everyone else is left behind; kids are not being educated and cared for like they deserve; the majority of people in positions of power are rich, uncaring people who do not listen to or take into consideration those that they are over. America is led by the white man. White people dominate movies, television, businesses internationally, almost everything here. And that is not okay because there are more than white people in this country. Every other race and culture of people here deserve the same rights, privileges, and opportunities white people have, and mainly rich, high class white people at that. They can keep making great money, owning their own businesses, and so on, but they should not have the monopoly on money, leadership, and influence. No one should.  We are all equal.
The leadership of this country needs to do one of two things: come up with a new, simple, all-inclusive method of leadership with direct, articulate, specific communication, and change the government so that it still with representatives and branches but a lot less complicated, difficult to understand and participate in, and completely for the wellbeing of all. Simple as that.
Religion– This country was not based off of religion. The people who came here wanted to express their religious beliefs freely. Many religious people in this country use religion as a weapon to judge, condemn, and control people. Even many of the forefathers of America said there should be a separation of church and state. But that is not the way of the leaders now. They try to use it and say that’s what their forefathers said when, in the constitution, written by their forefathers it says, there should be a separation of church and state. It is the right of American citizens to practice their own beliefs freely. Whether you are a Wiccan, a Witch, a Warlock, Protestant, Athiest, Christian, Buddhist, Catholic, Muslim, a complete nonbeliver of anything, it doesn’t matter, everyone here has the right to believe as they choose. And the main point of that is WITHOUT infringing on other people. Many religious people try to shove their religion on others and that is not right. Everyone has a right to believe as they wish but no right to push their personal beliefs on others in a mean and unkind way. Be nice. Be kind. Respect others. Treat people the way you want to be treated.
Willful Ignorance– People are surprisingly, sadly, and infuriatingly blind and/or ignorant to all of these horrible atrocities. It is pitiful, pathetic, and sad for those people, especially because it is these people who are being used, manipulated, and lied to to keep the people they believe in in control. People like to use freedom of speech as an excuse to be mean and say mean, hateful, rude, unkind, stupid, self-righteous things to others. That is NOT what freedom of speech means. Freedom of speech means being able to protest peacefully, it means being able to discuss things like race, religion, sexuality, government, and so on to make things better, not to condemn people, be one sided, and one track minded. Everything that I have said is the truth. I choose to acknowledge and speak truth. Everything that I’ve talked about here are things that greatly dishearten me and sadden me and I certainly wouldn’t be talking about these things if I didn’t have to. But unfortunately, I have to. Because these terrible things are happening. Go read some books, go dig deep into the wondrous thing we call the Internet, go ask a Native American, an African American, a homeless person, a struggling single mother or father, a struggling married couple, any of those adults with kids, go ask as college student, a high school student and all of these things and people will prove to you that all of these situations discussed here are happening. They aren’t situations and circumstances of the past, but of the now. Do not be willfully blind, incompetent, and uncaring of the people around you, let alone yourself, and even more the future generations. People do not feel so passionately about racism, sexism, sexuality, heritage, discrimination, religion, and hate because it is a hobby, fun, useful, or helpful. It is none of these. And the fact that you have so many bringing it up and talking about it, yet still so many trying to demean and deny it when it is blatantly right there, front and center for everyone to see is not okay and is certainly not good.

My Message:
No one has a right or reason to infringe on someone else. Unless it is to come to the defense of a person in need of actual help, like a fire, or bullying, or discrimination. You should not force yourself, your ideals, or your beliefs on anyone else. Live your life. Do not get caught up in other people’s lives and business, and mind your own.
Open your heart, your mind, your spirit, your soul, and see what is going on, to you, those you love, and the others around you. Be aware. Be and stay enlightened. “Speak for the silent and stand for the broken”, as Mike Smith said. Be a force of good and harbor love for yourself and others. We don’t all have to agree on everything to live and function together. We can each be who we truly are, love ourselves and others, and all live, love, be happy, and lead fulfilled lives. But it starts with opening yourself up to discover, create, and be your truest self, opening up to and aknowledging reality and the truth, and doing what you can to make things better. Let’s get to it!

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