Aloha Friday!

Howdy my bona-fide glorious friends! How are y’all?! Very well I hope! After two weeks of absence, due to work and a family reunion, I’m finally getting back on the saddle. And last weekend I actually did get on a saddle, on a beautiful horse named Dash! So much fun!

Anyhow, it’s been a very long, hard, busy, and fun two weeks and I am supremely blessed to be here and to be able to share with you all. I hope your week was a good one and I pray these next few days see you enjoying a much needed and well deserved fun and relaxed time with great, unique, awesome people.

Here are today’s good vibes!!!

Song: I heard this song while at work by a cover band and loved it. But I couldn’t find out the name of the song or who did the cover I loved. It was by a rock group but I’m not sure who. So when I heard the song again, except this time the original song, I was so stoked!! But I would still love to find that band that covered this song cause it was stellar! Anyhoo, enjoy!
Seal – Kiss from a Rose:

Video: Because these insanely talented dancers kiiiiiiilled it! And I love dancing, of all different types ☺
Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money – Choreograp…:


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