Quote of the Day

“Patience is key.”

Patience is not always an easy thing to have. It is not always easy to master either. If you are a parent, a teacher, or deal with children then you should know that that is the greatest test of patience. And even then, some parents and adults still have issues having patience. But patience is a wonderful thing to have in general. When you are patient you spend less time being upset, worried, you’re more likely to get better and more opportunities, you are more likely to succeed in general.

Now let me say, patience with things is much easier to have than patience with people. Why you ask? Well because people can be incredibly frustrating. People like to make things and situations more difficult than they need to be. People are more likely to screw up when they are trying to show off, show-up someone else, try to rush through, or they don’t think things through the way they should, the list goes on.  But the important part, is that patience makes dealing with these things so much better and the greater you master it, easier.

I am working on this myself. My problem though, is that I have lesser patience with some people in my life than I do with others. Why I am that way, I have no clue. But it does not help those people and it most certainly does not help me, so I’m trying to find that balance where I am patient with everyone on the same level. It is process. I slow, hard process. But it is very much worth it, for the sanity of myself and the wellbeing of those I care about. I have those people who are very patient in my life and I am so thankful to them for that when I need them to be patient with and for me. It really is a huge help to have patient people in your life they make things much easier and a lot less stressful. So I’m working on being to them that help that they are for me, and being that for others as well. Try it with me!


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