Words of Wisdom Wednesday

If someone is upset or frustrated, do not tell them to calm down. Firstly, they have emotions, they should feel them, they should express them. Secondly, usually, telling an upset and/or frustrated person to calm down usually only pisses them off more. Which helps nothing. And thirdly, the only thing you should be doing is talking to them and reasoning with them in a calm manner.
When a person is in an uproar, it is better to talk to them and distract them rather than you telling them to calm down. An angry, upset, frustrated person who likes to take their emotions out physically is what you really have to be careful of. If you know that’s how this person is, definitely stay away from them until they have calmed themselves down, then go speak to them.
This is something I mention because it is a pet peeve of mine, it frustrates me more when I’m upset and talking to someone and they tell me to calm down, and from what I’ve learned, a lot of people are this way. There are just some things that are unecessary for us to do, and telling someone who is feeling their emotions to calm down is one of them. So let’s try not to do that and deal with the situation by figuring it out and giving people the space they need to feel and express themselves.



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