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People do things for people who can’t even do for themselves. Most people who try to tell you how to live and try to control your life don’t have themselves together or even know what they’re talking about. Ignore them. They have no power over you, unless you give power to what they say and do towards you.

Be yourself, focus on you, do what makes you happy, and be with whoever makes you happy. That’s all there is to it. Those who truly love and appreciate you will be in your life, anyone and anything that demeans you or shows hate toward you is irrelevant. Do yo thang!



    • Well, my entire point here is that you have to be yourself and not let others decide who are, and aren’t, who you can and can’t be.
      But as far as what you’re talking about, If it’s the truth, unbiased and real, it’s the truth. The comfort and pleasantness of a person’s feelings about reality don’t matter. Reality is reality. If you wanna enjoy your life, you have to be able to learn, change, and adapt or else you will stay stuck and will never be able to grow and move on like you should.
      Example: The Devil Wears Prada, it’s a movie but it happens in real life and proves this point exactly. Stanley Tucci’s character told Anne Hathaway’s character what she needed to hear when she came crying to him about not being appreciated for her work, and he told her the truth. He told her the reality of the situation. It was not comfortable or pleasant for her, but she opened up her mind and heart, actually listened to what he had to say, and she chose to learn, change, and adapt to what she needed to so that she soon after became the 1st assistant. She did what she needed to do to move on, be better, and be able to actually enjoy what she did. It is the same in life.
      Also, as far as benefiting from more experienced people, that is up to each individual person. You chose to learn from someone else or you chose not to.
      If there is something here that you’re not clear on let me know. Maybe I can explain it in a different or better way.

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