To Be Honest


repost from Pinterest

This is 100% accurate. Treat people well, be kind, be nice, treat others like you want to be treated. You’ve heard this countless times, and you will continue to hear it. There are a lot of people who treat people terribly. They are rude, mean, judgmental, fake, two-faced, ungrateful, and act as if they are superior.

Your actions speak volumes about who you are. You shouldn’t be someone you hate. A point I’d like to make because I’ve done and witnessed this a lot, is just because you’re having a bad day doesn’t mean you should, or even have a right to, take it out on someone else. If you’re talking to someone or someone is trying to talk to you, just say “Ya know today hasn’t been a good day for me and I’m really struggling at the moment but I’m trying to make it through.” Let people know how you feel without being nasty to them, because there is no need and you don’t have to be that way.

If we all would just learn to express ourselves without throwing our emotions off on others things would be better. People would be less likely to push our buttons because they know exactly how we feel, so there would be less misunderstandings, and we could do what we could to help one another and make each other feel better, ya know just a few nice words of encouragement. Don’t be a grinch. You’re a good person, treat others as rightfully, caringly, respectfully, and lovingly as you treat yourself (as you should treat yourself because you deserve it).


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