Motivational Monday


repost from Instagram

We are One. We are all a part of this crazy, wonderful thing called Life. We all have a place and we all matter. Everything touches and intertwines in some shape, form, or fashion. People are part of animals as animals are part of the Earth as the Earth is part of the Galaxy as the Galaxy is part of the Universe as the Universe is part of each of us. It is all one freakin huge web of pure, flipping awesomeness.

There is extremely, very little in life that is actually black and white. In fact, as far as percentages go, about 1% would be black and white. Example, you live and you die. And honestly that’s about as black and white as it gets. My point being, life is a gi-freakin-normous grey area where we can each be anything, do anything, and have everything we want, wish, and dream. There are no limits to the possibilities of life and what we can create and manifest.

We are family. Embrace it. Enjoy it.

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