Thoughtful Tuesday

What a Real Man and Woman Truly Are

There are no set rules on how to be and how not to be, so as to become a ‘real’ man or woman. I mean, yes there are a few, certain things you shouldn’t do, such as judge, envy, and things of that nature, because there’s no need for those sort of things. But messing up, making mistakes, misunderstanding, and getting things wrong will happen and that’s okay. Life is a process, just because you fail sometimes doesn’t mean you’re not a man or woman and it doesn’t make you less than when you fail. You just have to pick yourself right back up and keep trying your best to be your best.  That, love, and happiness are all that matters in the end.

Many people have their own ideas of what a “real” man or woman is but it’s a biased, unrealistic ideal that they try to hold themselves and, more so, everyone else to. People think you have to be just this one way, have certain qualities, have those qualities at this certain age, and you have to say this and that, and you have to do this and that, and be this and that to be considered a “real” man or woman. It’s all crap. The only thing that is required to be a real man or woman, is to be who you are. You do not owe anyone anything and no one owes you anything. Just be yourself.

There are certain qualities that we all have that make us better as people and human beings, things like open-mindedness, compassion, understanding, and so on. But it’s not a matter of how much of those qualities you have, as society would like you to think, it’s simply a matter of doing your best to use those qualities. All the important characteristics, qualities, ideas and such that we need are already inside of us. We just have to realize we have everything we need within us and utilize it. You don’t have to go find bravery, intelligence, courage, love, or hope, they already reside inside of you, you just need to bring it out.

A real man and woman are as such in their own, individual right. It is extremely stupid to try to define people in a certain way and to say that we all have to fit into the exact same mold when we are all so incredibly and wonderfully different. We each are who we are and that is A-OKAY! We have got to stop letting society run our individual lives and tell us who we are and aren’t, should and shouldn’t, can and can not be. Your life and your purpose here is not up to society, your family, or your friends, it is up to you. You are a man and you are a woman in your own way. Do your best to be the best you can be.


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