Words of Wisdom Wednesday


repost from Tumblr

If you never decide, if you never make a decision, if you never take the time to sit down and really, truly think and make a choice, you will always be stuck and you will never move forward. Decide, make the decision, make the choice. You are not meant to suffer, be sad, or drown in loneliness. You are not meant to stay in the same place all of your life. You are meant to be happy, to experience life, to enjoy life, to be yourself, to be happy, to do what you love, to be surrounded by those you love and who love you. You just have to decide that you want what you deserve and get it. It’s yours. Claim it. A happy, enjoyable life is not given, you have to work for it. Some things come easier and faster than others, and the rest is work you have to do yourself. Life is not convenient for the most part and life is not about convenience, life is about experience and enjoying the experience. It’s your choice whether you do or don’t experience life. You decide.

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