Aloha Friday!!

Aloha Kakahiaka!! New day, new start, new opportunities. Make the most of this day. Enjoy it. You are a wondeful, beautiful being who shines so bright. You may not always feel that way, but you have to remember that that is exactly what you are. You have so much to give, so much to do, so much to experience, and so much to be happy for. Have a great day and a far out weekend!! Shaka and Stay Groovy!!! 😆✌💛

Here is today’s good vibage!!! Enjoy!!!

Song: My current jam! Totally copacetic👌
ODESZA- How Did I Get Here (Extended Version):

Video: Just a reminder that life, and a good life at that, is something you have to desire and put work into. It’s good for you and you’ll enjoy it quite a lot! Put in the time, put in the work. It’s all worth it. Plus I love the song!
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- False Pretense
Never Back Down – Motivation [HD]:

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