Thoughtful Tuesday

“I’m not giving up on you.” – Tadashi Hamada  (Big Hero 6) (yes I’m quoting the movie again 😆)

I will not give up on humanity. With all the trouble that is coming to light, it is nothing new. There has always been trouble and there will always be trouble. But I choose to focus on the good and to live in, embrace, and share the good and the light of every day. There is so much more good than bad, people just get more bad news than good because that’s the way society works and has been working for a long while. Thankfully, you do not have to let the negativity rule and control you or your life. You can live in the light. Be aware of all that is going on, but do not attach yourself to it. You are of light, goodness, and love, so make that your focus. See good, hear good, think good, feel good, do good.

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