Aloha Friday!!

Aloha Kakahiaka!!! Mahalo for stopping by this morning! Glad you’re here! It is another day. You’ve been granted so many more hours, breaths, and heartbeats. Be grateful, express gratitude, and make today as good as you can. Enjoy and savor all the good times, learn and grow from the bad. Today is going to have ups and downs, but you can make it through. You’ve lived through everything that has happened to you up to this point, so it’s pretty obvious you can handle a little bit of pressure. Have a great day and a stellar weekend!!! Shaka and Stay Groovy!!! Much Love😆✌💛

Here are today’s good vibes!!! Enjoy!!!

Song: We’re taking a trip down memory lane with this one. I love oldies and have currently been listening to a lot of oldies lately. You can’t go wrong goin old school!
Mickey and Sylvia – Love Is Strange:

Video: A small reminder that the small things in life do matter. It’s the small things that can make the big moments and greatest memories. Things as small as not shaving for years, then suddenly shaving one day can have a huge affect. 🙂
Man Stuns Family By Shaving Off His Beard After 1…:

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