Words of Wisdom Wednesday

“Where your mind goes, energy flows.”

Be aware of your thoughts. Be mindful of the things you allow yourself to absorb. The universe will manifest whatever you focus on and put your energy into. When you’re worrying and focused on the negative, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. Things like worrying and fretting are a choice, you don’t have to do either. Whatever your intentions are, whatever emotions and feelings you give power to will become your reality.

We need to control our emotions, focus on the good, and stay positive. You can accept life and the situation you’re in as it is and deal with it, with a positive attitude and good energy. Think positive, healthy thoughts, surround yourself with good people, live with good, positive intent, learn to encourage yourself when you’re having a hard time, focus on the bright side of life, and never give up. You’re alive, take advantage of this opportunity and do what you can to be happy, love, and make this world a better place. Calm your mind, center your mind, control your mind.


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