Thoughtful Tuesday

What The Movie ‘Dead Poets Society’ Taught Me

I saw this film for the first time yesterday. I smiled, I learned, I laughed, I bawled, I felt all the feelings watching this amazing movie. Dead Poets Society is a movie starring Robin Williams, one of the greatest actors, comedians, and people ever, along with a few other notable actors. It is a movie that speaks the truth of conformity, tradition, and the way many people, including a lot of our elders, stifle us, box us into small containers, and use us as dolls to do and be what they want us to do and be. They don’t want free thinking, open-minded, individual human beings who live for themselves. They want control. They don’t disipline, they punish. They always have someone to blame and use as a scapegoat to contiue their selfish and unecessary deeds. That’s the way it’s been for so long.

This movie taught me that we should each be a free thinker and a critical thinker. Use the brains you were born with. Use the heart you were born with. Use the spirit you were born with. Use the soul you were born with. Use the body you were born with. It also speaks the truth of learning that life is about seizing your life, doing what you love, getting out of your comfort zone, and learning that failure is a part of life. You have to take chances, stand your ground, and move to your own beat. Know yourself, accept yourself, be yourself.

Do not conform to the mold that others have made for you. You do not fit. You are greater than any cage someone else makes for you and you should not be slave to your own self doubt. You are worthy of every great attribute you were born with. You deserve the best and to be yourself. You deserve to truly live. It’s easy to conform and let people lead you but in the end, it’s each one of us who has to take the reigns of our own lives. We can not let every little thing our mind tells us control us. We have to master our minds, our spirits, our souls, our hearts, and our fears. Good and bad things happen, we fail and we triumph, there are ups and downs, and there are tough times and easy times. But no matter what, we can make it through, we can endure, we can overcome, and we conquer. Come as you are, learn, grow, broaden your horizons, and experience life. No matter what, know that you are loved and cared for, and know that you’re never ever ever alone.


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