Aloha Friday!!

**Disclaimer: long post**

Aloha Kakahiaka!! Today I’d like to take the time to explain why I do ‘Aloha Friday’. I am not Hawaiian, I hope that in another life I can be, that’d be pretty cool, but as of right now I have no real connection to it (except Dwayne Johnson and some of my absolute favorite surfers are Hawaiian, so yeah). I use it because I want to spread Aloha. I love learning about different cultures and different people and Hawaiian people and their beautiful culture have always been one of the most amazing and intriguing people and cultures I’ve had the honor and pleasure to learn about. I’m no expert or anything, I can’t tell you a crap load of facts, but I like to listen to Hawaiian people speak about their culture and beliefs (on youtube cause I’m a Texan, so).
In my own words, from my perspective, (and I really I hope I’ve got this right by now) Aloha is good vibes, good energy, kindness, respect, an overall love of life as a whole, your fellow man, and sharing your love. Aloha is what makes us the best we can be I think. It’s that innate awesomeness we have that we harbor and share with each other.
*If you are Hawaiian please, please, please let me know if I’ve got this right or not. I really want to make sure I have this right and am not screwing up the meaning of this.*
I just think that Aloha is an incredibly beautiful thing and I want to have it and spread it too, and believe that (if I do have it right and it means what I think it means) the world could definitely get to know and use Aloha. Cause we need a lot more of it.

Surfing and tennis are my two favorite sports. I love them equally and at the moment can only play tennis. I’ve played since I was are kid. But I really got into surfing a few years ago and have been hooked on it since. It’s not just the sport that I love, it’s the people and their way of life, their vibes, and their energy. They’re some of the most chill, open-minded, cool, laidback, honest, truthful, healthy, inspiring, good-hearted, genuinely good people I’ve ever seen and heard. That’s about the best I can really explain it, I just love everything about it. I say this because this is what really got me into learning a bit more about Hawaiian culture. So amazing!!! And that my friends is the meaning behind me, a non-hawaiian, doing Aloha Friday. I hope it makes since. This might seem stupid but as I am not a part of the culture I just felt I should explain why I wanted to use something from the culture.

Hope y’all have a wonderful day and a safe and fun weekend!!! Love ya!!! Shaka & Stay Groovy!!! 😆💛✌

Here are today’s good vibes!!! Enjoy!!!

Song: In my eyes, Nani and Lilo are princesses and also this is one of my all time favorite Disney movies ever.

Video: It is on my bucket list to see a Merrie Monarch Festival. It is sooooo incredible and absolutely amazing!! This has to be such an electric and beautiful atmosphere. Just watch!


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