Quote of the Day


repost from Tumblr

Let all those expectations, the standards of others, the limitations, and the judgements of others go. Shake em off. You don’t need any of it. There is no point spending the whole of your life resisting what comes naturally to you. There is no point trying to be what and who you are not. There is no point in you wasting your precious time and energy trying to please people who can never be satisfied with you let alone themselves. There is no point giving up who you are, your life, your talents, your hopes, your wishes, your desires, your dreams, your adventure, your spirit, your soul, your mind, your body, and everything else you have for unrealistic, fake, limiting, close-minded ideas and traditions that hold you back and suck the life out of you. There are only certain rules of humanity and life that should be followed and the rest is utter crap. We instinctively know what these are and are not bound to follow all of the man-made rules of “tradition”. If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that the only one stopping you from being you, is you.

You Are Wonderful.
You Are Beautiful.
You Are Who You Are.
Be Yourself.
Embrace Who You Are.
Accept Yourself.
Love Yourself.



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