Aloha Friday!!

Aloha Kakahiaka!!! Glad you are here! Much gratitude for dropping by the blog today. Gonna be honest, yesterday was a very weird, bleh kind of day for me. I had a lot of emotions, and feelings, and just a lot going on in my head and heart at the same time. Life can be so very insane and frustrating beyond belief. But I’m here. And I am so glad. Today is a chance for me to do and be better. I learned that it is so important that we express and actually feel the way we feel. Don’t hold on to the feelings, hide, or suppress them. Feel whatever it is you’re feeling. Express yourself in a productive way, talk to someone, hit a pillow, draw, sing, I listen to music, do whatever it is you love or can wherever you are, however you can. Acknowledge how you feel, your emotions, whatever is in your heart. If you’re feeling bleh, bad, angry (I was feeling all of these yesterday) let it out. If you’re feeling good it is an automatic thing to express those happy feelings, it should be the same when you aren’t feeling so good. Like I said be productive with those feelings, get them out, then move on and do the best and make the best of the rest of your day. There is absolutely no shame in expressing yourself. It feels so freakin good to not hold back and keep things inside of you. So that’s my little rant/two cents for the day. Hope you have a wonderful, beautiful day and a fun, safe weekend!! Love ya lots!!! Shaka and Stay Groovy!!!

Here’s today’s good vibage!!! Enjoy!!!

Song: Yoooooo. This man shreeeeds!! Looooooooooooove the strings. LOVE em!!

Video: This woman. This human being. This soul. She has given and done so much for mankind for so long. It is truly an honor, privilege, and blessing to share a lifetime with this precious gem.


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