Truth Bomb!


repost from Tumblr

For too long we have to tried to tie ourselves and each other down and define and quantify everyone and every thing. We spend so much time trying to define, quantify, and explain things that we all together forget to, and how to, enjoy those things. We also miss out on the greater lessons and experiences of life because we get so caught up in trying to find and understand all these minute, microscopic details that, in the end, are not even all that important.

It’s time to get over that and stop it. We are all “collection[s] of thousands of experiences, stories, ideas, and influences -.” There is so freakin’ much that contributes to all that we are and become. Ultimately, we each choose what and who we are, and we are many things; and we are shaped to what and who we are by many things. No one thing defines us and we, each, are ultimately the ones standing in our own way.

Now, everyone’s situation and circumstances are different and there are exceptions to some rules and none to others. The only thing predictable about life is life’s unpredictability. Everyone is different, everyone has their own story, and everyone goes through and handles things differently. Just as life is what it is, we are who we are, and we are what we are. That’s all there is to it.


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