Life Lessons

Let’s Talk About Beauty


repost from Tumblr

Wonderful, true words. People seem to think that beauty (as many other aspects of life) is able to be defined, quantified, and fits into a small box with specific aspects that are required. None of it is real or true. Beauty is everyone and everything. Not everyone can see or accept this, but that does not in any way take away from the truth; that every single person on this planet is beautiful, they just have to see it for themselves.

People can tell you that you are beautiful 100 million times but you still won’t truly believe it. Why? Because you do not see it  yourself. You must see, accept, appreciate, and know your beauty and worth. You never fully grasp the depth and truth of it until you see, realize, and utilize it yourself. It is the same in pretty much all other aspects of life. Love especially. Not that your love is less, or not as important, but it is not as full, deep, or genuine as it can be until you realize, accept, and utilize it. I know this from experience and from the many other souls in life who’ve gone through this and learned the same thing.

As I’ve said many times and will continue to say, because it is the way it is, life is a process. We are constantly learning, growing, and changing. There are harder times and lessons and easier times and lessons. It’s about working through all of it and always coming back to the truth no matter what. The truth that you can do this. The truth that you have everything it takes to make it through. The truth that your happiness and goodness is always available to you and you can return to it, always. The truth that you are never alone. The truth that life is what you make of it through your choices and decisions. And the truth that you are worthy, deserving, and loved, always.

Understand yourself, accept yourself, and have confidence in yourself.

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