Words of Wisdom Wednesday


repost from Tumblr

Wisdom from the master himself. This is one of the biggest and most imperative lessons we can learn in life. Especially now, we live in a time of great transition. We are taking an honest, long look at where we have come from and we’re learning, growing, and moving forward rather than doing what a lot of our ancestors did, simply go along with what always and already was.

We are starting to really challenge and question the ideas and mentalities that have been built into society and ourselves and transforming from conforming people to free people. A very necessary and marvelous thing to go through and be a part of. That great transformation/transition begins with these vital words from Mr. Lee.

We must be honest and truthful, firstly with ourselves, then with one another. We must be able to think and do for ourselves; not just take everyone’s word for everything. We have to live through some things and find out the truth for ourselves. Plus, what works for some doesn’t work for others. We each have to find our own way and make it through in our own way.

Let’s continue to grow, learn, and change for the better. We can only get better from here and have only began to really get into it. We’re starting to find some footing in this crazy life that has been laid before us. So let’s work together to do what we can for one another, live our best lives, and create a home and space for future generations to live, prosper, be abundant, and be happy.

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