Advice to Live By

Be honest and truthful with yourself. Completely, absolutely, brutally honest and truthful.

It is not worth it to waste your time and energy being something or someone you aren’t and hiding and disguising things. It is not worth it to lie, cheat, and hurt yourself and those you hold dear in the process. You owe it to yourself to be who you are. People say “I lied to protect you” or “I lied to protect myself”. That itself, is a lie. We lie because we are scared. We don’t want to face the truth of whatever it is we have to deal with. And from personal experience, as well as learning from other people’s mistakes, it is not worth it.

Deal head on, with whatever it is you have to deal with. It is something I am currently working on and doing and man let me tell you, it feels so gooood. It is the way I will raise my children when I have them. Life is so much better when you leave everything out on the table and let things take their course from there. It will be scary, we’ll mess up, and there will be some big obstacles that we must face. But it is far better to just face it and not make everything worse by sabotaging ourselves and others for no reason.

Truth and honesty can hurt, but we can heal. Some situations and circumstances are worse than others and cause for more drastic actions and some are quite easy to deal with. Life is gonna throw everything at you, good, bad, and everything in between. We just have to stand up and decide to be all in. People have this thing about acting like you can never mess up or be wrong. They act like it’s a terrible thing that should never be done. That’s just not true and not the way life works. It’s okay to mess up, make mistakes, get things wrong, stumble, fall, scrape up our hands and knees sometimes. It’s those things that teach us and in many ways teach us values. We’re human, it’s gonna happen.

The keys though, are to try and to do our best. We have to try our best in every thing we do. And it is best to try your best, always, to be honest and truthful with yourself firstly. Why? Because when you are completely honest and truthful with yourself, it then becomes a habit. So then you are totally honest and truthful with everyone in your life. That is one of the absolute greatest traits to have and it is so liberating to be this way.

As I said before, it’s not always gonna be easy. But then again, it’s not about it being easy. That’s not even the point. And I really need people to understand this.
Life is not about everything being easy and convenient. It’s about doing your best to live your best, experiencing life, and enjoying it. Simply put. That’s all there is to it. We take it upon ourselves to add all this extra nonsense that makes everything harder. Sometimes there are lessons in that and it’s necessary. But for the most part, we simply make life harder than it is, has to, or needs to be. I say it’s time to change that. Let’s start being honest and truthful with ourselves, in every aspect of our lives, with everyone. It is worth it and it is necessary.

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