Communication Is Key

Everything stems from communication. How we connect with ourselves, each other, the Earth, animals, the oceans, everything, grows, changes, and transforms from communication.

We have to be and deal with ourselves, firstly. And we must deal with and communicate with ourselves internally often, truthfully, and honestly, with love and kindness. Then, we must do the same for everyone and everything else. When we don’t communicate effectively with ourselves and others, we sabotage ourselves and others. We take the unnecessary risk of hurting ourselves and others.

It remains true though, that in making mistakes we learn from bad communication, but when we learn we must put that knowledge to use. We can not continue to ignore, misinterpret, and hide from communication. It is time to wake up and face the music. If we are going to move forward as individuals and as humanity, we need to learn and practice better communication.

Communication is often the main disconnect we have that ends up creating a domino affect of unnecessary events, feelings, and emotions that can be completely avoided if we simply take the time to communicate and to do it right. There is a certain realm in which to communicate and communicate effectively in many, different ways, just as there is there is a realm in which we should not communicate in non helpful ways. We must learn and know the difference and do our best to be as efficient, effective, honest, truthful, open-minded, caring and loving in our communication as a whole.

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