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If we don’t do something right now, we are royally screwed. That’s the way it is. For generations upon generations upon generations upon generations upon generations we have been brainwashed, manipulated, controlled, stifled, and monumentally screwed over by our predecessors in many ways. Of course there have been many great, truthful, honest, open-minded, caring, loving, kind, inspiring, good-hearted, encouraging, genuine people who have been there for us and guided us. But undeniably, for the most part, too many of our predecessors did the opposite of what they should have done, which is what those few good people and leaders did; help their children grow, accept them as they were, guide them, truly care about them and their futures, the list goes on.

For so long we have had to live in the shadows of the current elders who took on the ways of their elders, instead of changing it and really taking the time and energy to be what, how, and who they really were. They blindly accepted what they were taught, didn’t question anything, no matter how they felt or how many questions they wanted to ask, or what their gut told them. They followed in the steps of the people they despised and loathed and vowed never to become, but did. This has to stop. This cycle can not continue. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can break the chain, right here and now. We must if we don’t want lose the chances that we still have. For too long our individual power and capacity has been limited because of the fear, small mindedness, and close mindedness of others. For too long controlling, weak, pathetic, petty people have done everything in their power to keep us down and we’ve just taken and accepted it.

No more. No more conforming. No more turning a blind eye to the truth. No more letting others decide who we are and what we’re capable of. No more trying to justify all the wrong doings of those who came before us. No more sitting back and letting others choose our futures for us. No more being complacent with having the little we are given. No more being afraid of who we are and what we’re capable of. No more being limited. No more being shallow and thinking only of ourselves. No more surface level thinking. No more blind hatred. No more unnecessary cruelty towards any living being. No more separation because of our differences. No more hate. No more sitting by and letting our home (Earth) and fellow inhabitants be hurt and destroyed. No more favoritism. No more judgement. No more dismissal of important, vital, life affecting issues. No more. No more. No more. We deserve more and far better than what we’ve been given. We are worth more than we’ve been told. We are made of more than we think and have been told.

All this has to stop. We are so deep in the trenches already, we can not afford to go deeper without trying to effect positive change and better ourselves, and life as a whole. We have got to do something. We simply can not let our vitality be taken away from us. We must for ourselves firstly, and future generations, take control of our lives. We must fight back against those who try to block, hide, and take away our chances at a real, authentic, genuine, honest, good life. The way we live now is not, the way “life is”. Life right now is the way controlling, hateful, uncaring, power-hungry people made it. There is no reason anyone should be starving, without homes, and dying from diseases that can be avoided. There is no reason children should be having to grow up so fast. There is no reason we can’t take our lives and futures back. We have every right and reason to be who, what, and how we truly are, accept and love ourselves and others, understand that life is a journey, connect with our inner selves, and others, and to be our genuine authentic selves. That’s truly where life’s greatness comes into view and being, when we each are that we are and love one another, unconditionally.

We are in this together. We live in this place, in this moment together. The possibilities for greatness, love, kindness, goodness, light, and life is endless. It’s infinite. We can explore that. We should explore the depth of ourselves and one another and this beautiful world and life we have been given. We should absolutely take advantage of this chance to live, truly, genuinely live and experience life. Life is not about money. Money was a thought up plan by some random man to separate people and is in no way a necessity of life. We can live without it, we can simply all do what we love and give to one another because we all need what the other has to offer. Life is not about living for others. You need only live for yourself, care about others and cherish them, but you don’t have to or need to live for them. Life is not about sacrificing and compromising yourself to live. There are little sacrifices and compromises to be made in every day life but not the big, major ones that people suffer through, and have suffered through, everyday, for thousands of years now.

The time has come for us as individuals and humanity, to go deeper. To really, truly get to know and understand life and ourselves and the depth of which they have. We are far more than the superficial, high minded, uncaring, shallow, selfish, foolish, backwards values and ideas we’ve been taught. We don’t have to just accept the world as it is just because our elders say we have to. There is nothing wrong with questions. There is nothing wrong with embracing life’s uncertainty. There is nothing wrong with living life and exploring life for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with being just as we are. There is nothing wrong with getting to know your neighbor and looking out for them as you do yourself. We owe it to ourselves to do, be, and embody all these things. We owe it to ourselves and the future of humanity to go deeper, to get outside of ourselves and rather know ourselves, to not limit the capacity of ourselves and others.

Take control of your life. Know that you are more than you seem. Your capability is unfathomable. Own who you are. Know who you are. Follow your heart, listen to your gut, and trust your intuition. When you feel that innate sense of awareness and consciousness, explore it, draw close to it. Open up your mind and heart. Do not be satisfied with letting others make all your choices for you. Be afraid and go for it. Work through and past your fears. Take life one step at a time and when the chance or time comes to leap, do it. You’re going to be wrong, you’re going to mess up, you’re going to fall, you’re going to stumble, you’re going to screw up, you’re going to hurt someone and yourself, and it’s all okay. That’s life. You just have to get back up and keep moving. Life is about living and doing your best at it. Your best will vary, that’s totally and normal, just make sure that you’re doing it.

You have no reason to lie down and let life run over you. You own your life. Live it. Experience it, question things, open doors, close doors, be honest, be truthful, be healthy, have fun, find adventure, go where your heart leads you. Gravitate towards those people and things that heighten your vibrations. You have it within yourself to be. So be. Just be. You can do it. Your life is your own. Own it. Believe in yourself, trust yourself, embrace yourself, and know yourself. Embrace others. Of course you should always be careful in who and what you trust but embrace others. Life is meant for us to live and experience together. We have each other. We are never alone. Not in how we feel, in our thoughts, in our wishes, in our dreams, in our hopes, in nothing. We alone must walk our individual paths and live our individual journeys, but we are not alone. We have to learn to genuinely, truly, honestly, love another and put it into practice. We are better together. So let’s come together, do better, and be better. Let’s learn from our elders and predecessors and take this life experience to the high, wonderful places it can go.

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