Aloha Friday!!

Aloha Kakahiaka!!! Nice of ya to drop by! I certainly appreciate you for your kindness! It’s the last work day for many, so I encourage you to work smart, don’t think too much, try to have a little fun, and let go of worry.
Life is so precious and you never know when your last moments will come. Love yourself, love those near and dear to you, and take none of this for granted. Enjoy and savor every moment of this experience. Let anger, despair, hopelessness, hate, and all negativity go. You’ve no time for it. Just love your life, be and do your best, and be happy.
Sending y’all good vibes, good and positive energy, and all my love. Have a fun, safe, relaxing, productive in some way, awesome weekend!!! Shaka and Stay Groovy!!! 😆💛✌

Here are today’s good vibes!! Enjoy!!

Song: These two men and their bands are truly gifts from God. I mean… personally, I would have to say this is the performance of the year, hands down. Absolutely phenomenal. This is true musicianship. This is true artistry. Such a beautiful thing. I can’t stop watching these videos!! Gaaahhh!! Sooo goooood!!

Video: It’s the little things that make the biggest, greatest, most heartfelt moments.

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