Advice to Live By


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“Change your thinking, change your life.” Another quote that this brilliant one leads to. We have to go further, beyond, and deeper within ourselves to find solutions, to do and be better, to grow and learn, and to create positive change. We will get nowhere doing the same things we’ve done before that just simply aren’t working. This is part of the reason why we are where we are in society and humanity as a whole. People are stuck in their own little individual bubble, in their comfort zone, and that leads us nowhere. People try to stay in the same vein of doing and being to create something new, and that’s just not the way life works. We have to go past where we are and have been to make things better.

We simply have to go inside ourselves and get out of our comfort zones and bubbles. It’s about going within ourselves to find the answers. It’s about about being in ourselves and not of ourselves. Being in ourselves means simply looking and being from within, acknowledging, accepting, and being who and what we are; and recognizing and respecting that it’s the same for all other beings as well. Being of ourselves is where a lot of society is now; vanity, selfishness, arrogance, hatred etc.
We’ve got to open our mind’s, heart’s, and spirit’s. Only then, will we truly be able to move forward, be better, and do better. 

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